Home Inspection Services

An Extra Mile home inspection is detailed, thorough and client friendly. Our inspectors will perform a visual inspection and prepare a written report with pictures of the current condition of the exterior of the home as well as the roof, crawlspace, interior of the home and attic. Our inspections also include the readily accessible installed systems and components such as the water heater, air conditioning unit, furnace, of the property existing at the time of inspection.

**A home inspector cannot tell you whether or not you should buy the property. However, a good home inspector is expected to inform you of conditions that are dangerous, items in that home that might need replaced in the near future (septic tank, electrical, plumbing, etc), and things that just don’t work at an acceptable level of reliability or safety.

Termite Inspections

An Extra Mile termite inspection, also known as a wood destroying insect report consists of a visual inspection in the accessible areas of the structure(s) requested for inspection. This includes attics, crawlspaces and any part of the house that is easily accessible. The wood destroying insect report is not limited to termites it also includes: carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wood boring beetles. Extra Mile does not provide treatment for wood destroying insects, however we will gladly share the names of quality local professionals that can provide you the services that are needed.