Rob McClernon Headshot

I grew up in Southern California on a military base. My dad was a E-9 master gunnery sergeant in the marine corps and my mom was an R.N. at the local hospital. Self-discipline and determination were taught at a young age. After high school, in 1993 I got my first construction job in Atlantic City New Jersey at company called Wood Builders Corporation. I built custom homes and penthouses on the shoreline until 1996. I then decided to move my family to Missouri to start a family based construction business with my uncle. I eventually started doing general construction for several companies in the Springfield area around 1999. In 2003, I started working for a company building Cold Stone Creamery, QDoba Mexican Eats and Subway restaurants from the ground up all over the country. I did that for a few years along with sub-contracting several interior custom trim/cabinet jobs when I was back home for short periods.

In 2005, working over the road proved to be too hard for my marriage. My then wife and I parted ways in early 2006. I met my current wife that summer. We married in 2008.

Then, in 2009, my wife and I decided to buy a home in Nixa. When the home inspector came to do our inspection, I met George Knox. He owned Extra Mile Home Inspection Services LLC. We quickly bonded, as we had several things in common. I mentioned to him during the home inspection that I may enjoy doing that line of work. With the construction experience I already had, I quickly became interested in the home inspection business. About a month after my home closed, George called me and asked if I was still interested in home inspections. I quickly wrapped up the siding work I had been doing on a home in Strafford and jumped onboard with George. I spent years learning the art of home inspections.

Eventually, George retired around new years in 2016. I purchased the company from him and have built it up even more than George already had.  I have since hired on an office staff and three other full time certified home inspectors. I have also incorporated new services such as septic excavation and radon mitigation installation. I am truly passionate about this company and my staff. We are a family.

I only have God to thank for His blessings on this company. Without Him, we would have nothing at all.