septic excavation


Should your septic system need an excavation, Extra Mile can help with those needs. We have a Kubota tractor that can be used to uncover any or all of the necessary caps for the septic inspection. As with any excavation procedures, we always try to leave the area in as best condition as possible when we have completed the inspection.

Septic Assessment

An Extra Mile septic inspection will consist of locating the tank, taking measurements of the tank, performing a hydraulic load on the system (as long as the property has not been vacant for more than 60+ days.), excavating the manhole, inlet and outlet if needed, as well as providing a detailed report about the current conditions of the tank.

Your tank should be a minimum of 5 feet away from a crawlspace home foundation or 15 feet away from a basement home foundation. The tank should have two 6-inch diameter inspection pipe lids (inlet and outlet) flush with or above the ground. When the inlet and outlet caps are found the manhole is typically located between the two caps. If the caps cannot be found then they are likely covered, although they should never be covered. It will then be necessary for the caps along with the manhole to be uncovered (excavated) to be able to perform the necessary tasks for a complete inspection.

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Well-Shock with 2 consecutive water tests

Should you have a water test result that shows Coliform and/or E Coli is present, our inspectors can shock the well to treat the water supply. Think of this like shocking a pool to get it ready to swim in. Once the well has been shocked the first water sample will be collected 24-48 hours after the well shock. The second water test will be collected 1 week after that.

Well-Water Examination & Testing

Our inspectors will collect a sample of the water supply and submit it to the Greene County Health Department to be tested for Coliform and E Coli. This test is a 24 hour process. Once we receive the water test results we then send the results via email to you and your realtor/client.